Investment Management

Sunrise Advisors actively manages investment portfolios based on the risk tolerance and objectives of each individual client.

Investment Management - Sunrise Advisors



Sunrise has successfully employed a “core and satellite” investment approach since 1993. Our “core” consists of a fully-diversified mix of global holdings (strategic allocation). Our “satellite” portion of the portfolio is allocated to reduce risk and take advantage of current market conditions (tactical allocation). For example, if we believe the market is undervalued and should move higher, we add positively-correlated assets or sectors (that move with the market) to our “satellite”. If we believe the market is overvalued and should move lower, we add negatively-correlated assets or sectors (that move inverse to the market) to the satellite portion of the portfolio. Our long-term, asset management philosophy has its roots in conservative, value-based investment strategies.

View a synopsis of our investment approach here. For an in-depth explanation of how we put our philosophy into practice, please contact us for a personal discussion.



Sunrise Advisors is highly¬†qualified to help in the construction of your fixed-income portfolio. Our Chief Investment Officer was the region’s largest retail bond broker for the nation’s largest brokerage firm during the early 1980’s, the best time in history to purchase bonds.

As a “fee-only” investment advisor, we may be able to eliminate the spread associated with purchasing bonds. (This mark-up or commission is generally not seen by investors). Because we are independent, we search the entire bond market, not just our own inventory (as broker-dealers, banks, and trust companies may do), for the most appropriate issue for your portfolio.