Protecting Your Financial Identity

(September 18, 2017)  As your financial partner, we wanted to communicate our best practices for protecting yourself amid the Equifax data breach. This data breach has nothing to do with Sunrise Advisors or your investment accounts.  However, we wanted to provide some guidelines and “best practices” for managing your online security and protecting your identity. **Click here to access our “Guide to Best Practices” document (PDF).**


What We Do
We monitor the transactions, including any flow of securities or monies, every day and in each financial account. We are familiar with our clients’ patterns of money movement. If something looks out of the ordinary, we will contact you immediately.


We never send funds to a third party without your specific consent and written authority. We will talk to you before wiring funds to any third party, and the custodian goes through a signature verification process before releasing any funds.


Our Immediate Recommendations
We encourage you to closely monitor your bank accounts and credit card statements, be wary of emails that ask for information relating to this breach (these may likely be scams), and suggest that you monitor your credit reports. You are entitled to a free look at your credit reports once a year through


You may also wish to place a “freeze” on your credit.  Placing a “freeze” on your credit prohibits someone from opening a new line of credit in your name.  However, you would need to “thaw” your credit (by using a uniquely-generated PIN) before you can open a new line. For some, this may be cumbersome; for others, the peace of mind is worth it. Before deciding to place a “freeze” on your credit, please consider your personal situation. If you may be applying for credit soon (ex: a new car or credit card), it may make sense to simply place fraud alerts on your files with the three major credit reporting agencies.


You can “freeze” your credit here:
*Equifax: Call (800) 685-1111 (select prompt 3) or visit their website here
*Experian: Call (888) 397-3742 (select prompt 2) or visit their website here
*TransUnion: Call (888) 909-8872 or visit their website here