Business Valuation: Our Cost-Effective, Efficient Solution

Understanding the value of your business is essential for proper business planning and achieving your personal financial goals. A business often represents one of the owner’s largest assets. Therefore, it’s critical to understand the value of this asset and how to maximize it (now and at sale). A business owner may seek a business valuation to:


  • Better understand the business and its potential
  • Know how your business compares to industry peers
  • Develop buy-sell agreements with business partners
  • Explore funding opportunities (debt or equity financing)
  • Get what it is worth at sale; Pay the right amount when buying a business
  • Create a succession plan (internal transition or external sale)
  • Obtain an accurate figure for the estate plan
  • Prepare for taxable events
  • Evaluate personal retirement readiness (what is “needed” from the business)


Our Approach
Business valuations are typically expensive and time consuming, leading many owners to neglect getting an objective appraisal. Our patent-pending valuation tool uses industry-leading methods and the power of technology to provide strategic insight into your business at a fraction of the time and expense of a traditional, “certified” valuation*.Our customized process yields multiple valuation estimates for your business (asset value, equity value, enterprise value, and liquidation value), provides key performance indicators (compares your business to industry peers), and proactively engages your professional team (CPA, Attorney, Advisor, and Banker) to implement your desired strategies.


Value Your Business/Develop Your Plan
To get started on your valuation or to ask questions, please call us at (913) 681-0215 or email to The first step is to gather some basic business information from you.

Once we’ve completed the valuation, we will meet with you and your professional team to go through the results, provide the valuation estimates, share the key performance metrics of your business, and discuss strategies to enhance the integration of your business-personal plan.



*A “certified” valuation may be required by the IRS in unique circumstances involving estate valuations or gift tax calculations. Valuations produced by our valuation software are not “certified”.